Trainings & Additional Services

Wellness Warrior Group Trainings/Seminars/Services

Trainings Provided in 2 hour, half-day, or full day increments

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Trainings for Schools & Educators:
  1. How to Manage & Avoid Teacher Burnout
  2. Mental Health in the Teaching Profession
  3. The Trauma Informed Classroom
  4. Stress Management in the Teaching Profession
  5. Secondary Trauma in the Teaching Profession

Trainings for the Legal Profession:
  1. How to Manage & Avoid Lawyer Burnout
  2. Mental Health in the Legal Profession
  3. The Trauma Informed Courtroom
  4. Stress Management in the Legal Profession
  5. Secondary Trauma in the Legal Profession
  6. Recognizing trauma in your clients and how to manage it.

Group Traumatic Episode Treatment:

When a traumatic event occurs and is not processed properly, it can then go our long term memory and be stored as a terrifying and terrorizing event. With early intervention, we can move the traumatic event to long term memory as just a bad memory rather than being unthinkable and terrorizing.

If a traumatic event impacts a large amount of people (school shooting, natural disasters, sexual abuse, car accidents, house fires, etc.), we can provide group crisis intervention and trauma stabilization. Groups can also be assembled for families or couples or who have experienced a collective traumatic event (burglary, house fire, etc.

Research shows how early interventions can help in the following ways:

  • Decrease disturbance of the traumatic event
  • Increase stabilization
  • Prevent further mental and emotional injury
  • Prevent or decrease likelihood of PTSD
  • Increase overall resiliency


  • One group for 90 - 120 minutes (depending on size of the group)
  • Up to 12 individuals per group
  • Conducted in-person
  • Conducted in our office or an agreed upon location
  • Groups occur with people who have experienced similar events (groups for grief/loss, sexual abuse, etc., first responders, etc.)
  • Completely confidential; No one knows exactly what you're working through. This is an internal processing experience in a group setting with people who have been through the same or similar event. You never talk out loud about what happened, but are able to process the event to decrease any emotional disturbance associated with the traumatic episode.
  • Referrals will be provided if additional or ongoing treatment is necessary

Who is appropriate for this?

  • Anyone of any age who has experienced a recent traumatic or stressful event
  • Great for people who do not want to TALK about what happened but still want to experience healing

Mental Health Trainings (appropriate for any field/profession who wants to increase knowledge and understanding of the mental health field and reduce overall job related stress, secondary trauma, and burnout)
  1. Trauma Informed Care - Redefining how we conceptualize and understand trauma
  2. EMDR - Training on understanding what EMDR is, how it works, and what to expect in treatment
  3. Resourcing/Coping Tools
  4. Grounding & Meditation Workshops
  5. Trauma Informed Yoga (a training for yoga instructors on how to provide yoga in a trauma informed capacity)
  6. Traveling Yoga - WWG will travel to you to provide yoga to your staff/agency
  7. Wellness University - a 10 week series of training on self-care/stress management (10 different workshops, 1 hour each, provided over the course of 10 weeks). For a list of topics, please email
  8. Polyvagal Reset - a technique used to reduce stress through the use of regulating the nervous system
  9. Mindfulness & Self Compassion
  10. Work-Life Balance Education
  11. The Mental Health System - understanding the different levels of care, types of services available, diagnosis, and making referrals/access to treatment
  12. Stress Management
  13. Secondary Trauma
  14. Therapist Q&A: The audience has an opportunity to learn about what therapy is, what it looks like, benefits from therapy, and can ask questions to therapists


Please reach out to for pricing regarding training you are interested in.