The Wellness Warrior Group specializes in the treatment of trauma. If you or your child has experienced trauma or traumatic loss, you are not alone. A large number of the population has been impacted by a traumatic event at sometime in their life. Trauma is simply a wound, and we all have wounds. Trauma can be bigger events such as abuse, community violence, domestic violence, or car accidents. However, other types of trauma can include frequent moves throughout childhood, bullying, growing up with a parent with addiction or untreated mental health, repeated experiences of not having emotional needs met, watching a parent struggle with body image, parents getting divorced, the loss of loved one, caregiver having post-partum depression, and many more. What is traumatic for one person may not be traumatic for another. Trauma is not defined by the experience, but the way that we come to see ourselves as the result of those experiences. Additionally, we can be impacted by experiences that our cognitive brains are not able to recall trauma is stored in the body through emotions and sensations. By treating the whole body, we can release and repair traumatic experiences.

As a result of traumatic or stressful experiences, we come to see ourselves and the world through the lens of the traumatic or stressful event. For instance, we might see that no one is trustworthy, we are not worthy of love, we are to blame, or that the world is an unsafe place. In order to help people heal, the Wellness Warrior Group seeks to uncover and reprocess these events that are at the heart of mental health concerns including anxiety, panic attacks, depressive symptoms, addictions, eating disorders, and many more. The Wellness Warrior Group treats the whole person rather than just their surface symptoms.

Symptoms of traumatic responses can include the following: avoidance, irritability, re-experiencing the trauma, mood changes, trouble sleeping, difficulty with concentration, heighted startle response, dissociation, flashbacks, nightmares, somatic complaints, behavior problems, panic attacks, and others.

We are here to help you or your child process and heal your traumatic memories and responses. Please call or send us an email to get an appointment scheduled or to ask any questions you may have.