People start to heal the moment they feel heard


Counseling and Wellness for children, adolescents, and adults specializing in the treatment of trauma.

Mission Statement: The Wellness Warrior Group (WWG) is a counseling center that specializes in the treatment of trauma. WWG seeks to provide whole body healing using a comprehensive and integrated treatment approach. WWG operates on the idea that the body holds trauma which is responsible for mental health obstacles including anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, and more. WWG provides an integrated system of healing which incorporates and includes emotional and physical healing.

Why? Trauma is the source of most mental health related concerns including eating disorders, addiction, depression, somatic symptoms, anxiety, and more. When trauma happens, we disconnect from ourselves and from our bodies as a defense and coping mechanism. When this occurs, the body often becomes the weapon against the self, resulting in disordered eating, addictions, panic attacks, and dissociation. The past is alive in the body. We have discovered that top down approaches (talk therapy and other treatment modalities) are not alone sufficient in the treatment of trauma. For real change to take place, the body needs to learn that the danger has passed, and to live in the reality of the present. Additionally, the body needs to be included and focused on in treatment in order to reconnect the body and mind.

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Wellness University

Wellness Warrior Group offers self-care training and workshops to professional organizations seeking to support their staff in the very important mission of self-care. Workshops can be provided in one hour sessions for 10 weeks. Workshops can also be delivered in a 1-2 day training format depending on the needs of your organization. These trainings can also be modified to meet the unique needs of your organization. If interested, please reach out using the contact section of the website or send an email to:

Wellness Warrior Group Wellness University